1. A record pertaining to strategy or negotiations relating to labor relations or collective bargaining and related arbitration proceedings, except for final or executed contract or agreement between the parties in a collective bargaining procedure.
  2. The draft of a bill, resolution, regulation, statement of policy, management directive, ordinance or amendment thereto prepared by the Borough of Milesburg.
  3. A record that reflects the internal, predecisional deliberations of the Borough, including predecisional deliberations relating to a budget recommendation, legislative proposal, legislative amendment, contemplated or proposed policy or course of action or any research, memos or other documents used in the predecisional deliberations. Note:
    According to the Open Meetings regulations, 65 Pa.C.S Ch.7, the record is public once presented at an open meeting of Council or an ABC.
  4. A record that constitutes or reveals a trade secret or confidential proprietary information.
  5. Notes and working papers prepared by or for a public official or agency employee used solely for that official’s or employee’s own personal use, including telephone message slips, routing slips and other materials that do not have an official purpose.
  6. Records that would disclose the identity of an individual who lawfully makes a donation to an agency unless the donation is intended for or restricted to providing remuneration or personal tangible benefit to a named public official or employee of the agency, including lists of potential donors compiled by an agency to pursue donations, donor profile information or personal identifying information relating to a donor.