Open Records Law – Exemptions

    1. A record the disclosure of which would result in the loss of Federal or State funds by an agency or the Commonwealth; or would be reasonably likely to result in a substantial and
      demonstrable risk of physical harm to or the personal security of an individual.
    2. A record maintained by an agency in connection with the military, homeland security, national defense, law enforcement or other public safety activity that if disclosed would be reasonably likely to jeopardize or threaten public safety or preparedness or public protection activity or a record that is designated classified by an appropriate Federal or State military authority.
    3. A record, the disclosure of which creates a reasonable likelihood of endangering the safety or the physical security of a building, public utility, resource, infrastructure, facility or information storage system.
    4. A record regarding computer hardware, software and networks, including administrative or technical records, which, if disclosed, would be reasonab’y likely to jeopardize computer security.
    5. A record of an individual’s medical, psychiatric or psychological history or disability status, including an evaluation, consultation, prescription, diagnosis or treatment; results of tests, including drug tests; enrollment in a health care program or program designed for participation by persons with disabilities, including vocation rehabilitation, workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation; or related information that would disclose individually identifiable health information.