Featured Ordinances


Nuisance Ordinance 360

Ordinance 360 (pdf)


Rental Code Ordinance 358

Ordinance 358 (pdf)

Rental Permit Check List (pdf)


Amended and Restated Regulating the Keeping and Control of Cats Ordinance 356

Ordinance 356 (pdf)


Well and Boreholes Ordinance 336

Well and Boreholes Ordinance 336 (pdf)

Fee Schedule (pdf)

Application for Well and Borehole Permit – Contact Milesburg Borough Office at 1 (814) 355-3583


Earned Income and Net Profits Tax Ordinance 338

Ordinance 338 (pdf)


Temporary Signs Ordinance 340

Ordinance 340 (pdf)


Milesburg Borough Zoning Ordinance with Attachments

Ordinance 344 (pdf)

Zoning Map (pdf)

Zoning Fee Schedule – Contact Milesburg Borough at
1 (814) 355-3583

Zoning Hearing Fee Schedule (pdf)


Milesburg Borough Motor Vehicles and Traffic Ordinance 348

Ordinance 348 (pdf)