1. An autopsy record of a coroner or medical examiner and any audiotape of a postmortem examination or autopsy, or a copy, reproduction or facsimile of an autopsy report, a photograph, negative or print, including a photograph or videotape of the body or any portion of the body of a deceased person at the scene of death or in the course of a postmortem examination or autopsy taken or made by or caused to be taken or made by the coroner or medical examiner. This exception shall not limit the reporting of the name of the deceased individual and the cause and manner of death.
  2. Draft minutes of any meeting of an agency until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the agency. Minutes of an executive session and any record of discussions held in executive session.
  3. The contents of real estate appraisals, engineering or feasibility estimates, environmental reviews, audits or evaluations made for or by an agency relative to the following:
    The leasing, acquiring or disposing of real property or an interest in real property.
    The purchase of public supplies or equipment included in the real estate transaction.
    Construction projects.
    This section shall not apply once the decision is made to proceed with the lease, acquisition or disposal of real property or an interest in real property or the purchase of public supply or construction project.
  1. Library and archive circulation and order records of an identifiable individual or groups of individuals.
  2. Library archived and museum materials, or valuable or rare book collections or documents contributed by gift, grant, bequest or devise, to the extent of any limitations imposed by the donor as a condition of the contribution.
  3. A record identifying the location of an archeological site or an endangered or threatened plant or animal species if not already known to the general public.