Officials, Boards and Commissions 2018 



Brandon Schadle  470-8512


Paul Bartley – President  355-2764
Fred Kellerman - Vice President  355-7749
Paul K. Packer - President Pro Tem  355-1062
Plummer Davidson  355-8459
William Allison  355-4317
Sandra Dieterle  353-8886
Peter DeLosa 470-7324

Local EMA:                                                               Code Enforcement Officer:

Frederick Kellerman  355-7749                               Keith Rupert   933-8097

Sewage Enforcement Officer:                             Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer:


Stanley J. Wallace  355-4155                                  Thomas C. Bowes  625-9145


Tax Collector:                                                          Vacancy Board Chairman:

George W. Newman  355-9804                               Ted Reigh

UCC Building Code Enforcement:                     Zoning Officer:

Contact Milesburg Borough                                   Contact Milesburg Borough
at (814) 355-3583                                                   at (814) 355-3583

Rental Property Code Enforcement:

Contact Milesburg Borough at (814) 355-3583

Zoning Hearing Board:  (Meets as necessary)

George Holt                               Alternates:
Sally Bartley                              Virginia Letterman
Frank Kelley                              Vacant

Milesburg Borough Board of Rental Property Appeals:  (Meets as necessary)


Borough Planning Commission:  (Meets as necessary)

Ethel Kellerman
Bryce Taylor
Boyd McCartney