Brush collection will be done on the last Monday of each month and following a major storm event.  Please have all brush at the curb facing in the same direction and with tree limbs no larger than 5 inches in diameter. Remove other refuse and animal waste from brush piles.  Leaves will not be collected during the spring and summer.  This service can only be provided to residents of Milesburg Borough. If you live in one of the adjacent municipalities, contact your municipal office to ask about their brush and leaf collection program.


Centre County Solid Waste Recycle Bins are now located at Valley Ace Hardware Store, 224 Old 220 Road, Milesburg, PA


Milesburg Community Park will open April 1 from 7:30 am to dusk.  If you see suspicious behaviors or criminal activities in the park, please call the State Police.


Milesburg Lions Club Bingo at the Milesburg Community Center on Thursday nights starting at 6:45 pm with food available at 5:00 pm 


Milesburg Community Yard Sales - May 18 & 19 and October 5 & 6


Milesburg United Methodist Church:

Sunday School 9:30 am Church Service 10:45 am


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Swimming Pools:  A simple reminder to make sure your swimming pool gates are closed and children are supervised.


When walking your dog in Milesburg Borough, it must be on a leash as per the State Dog Law.  When walking your pet, please pick up all feces.  If you see someone not cleaning up after their pet, call Keith Rupert @ 933-8097 for code enforcement.



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Other Potential Nuisances:

Burning and open fires are not permitted, except for cooking or social gatherings


Trash removal is the responsibility of every homeowner.  Trash cans and recycle bins should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 pm on the evening before pickup, and must be removed by noon on the day after pickup. 




As summer apporaches, we would like to remind our citizens to try and keep your sidewalks clear of toys and other debris.  We have several community members that travel the sidewalks in wheel chairs and electric scooters.


Street Reminder:

As per Ordinance 348, you may not put your yard clippings, leaves or tree limbs on the streets.



 Residents:  If you see non-working street lights, downed tree limbs, potholes, water leaks, or anything else that requires our attention, please call 355-3583 and let us know!


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Donation Opportunities:

Milesburg Monument Fund – to preserve and maintain the Doughboy Monument

Food Bank – Milesburg Presbyterian Church 


Give Thanks:

If you see a Fireman, remember to say Thanks.  Our own Fire Company is run by volunteers.  They freely give of their time and risk their lives to assist all of us and keep us safe.


Please keep our men and women who serve our Country in your thoughts and prayers and remember to thank all veterans for their service. 


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